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“Don't Leave Money on the Table When You Sell”

Sunbelt Network thru it's over 250 worldwide offices has a strategic marketing relationship with Gulf Coast Financial, the leaders in Business Appraisals.

•  Why Should A Business Owner Consider An Independent Business Valuation?

Help identify the key value drivers, major strengths, and more importantly, the major weaknesses of a company allowing the owner to solve both obvious and hidden problems prior to the selling process.

Determining a reasonable selling price. Many owners rely on general rules of thumb, casual advice from friends, or other similarly unreliable sources. Values determined by general multiples or rules of thumb may be too high or too low. Unless the business owner goes through the valuation process, he/she will not know if the owner's expectations of value is too high, it will prolong the selling process until a price concession is made. If the price is too low, money is left on the table.

Fully understanding the value of the business will assist during negotiations. In this market, one can expect buyers to be sophisticated and experienced. They will conduct a rigorous analysis of the company even if the seller has not. They will look at those factors and value drivers that the owner and his advisors should consider in valuing the company, and they will use that information against the seller in the negotiations if allowed.

•  Gulf Coast Financial Valuation Process (GCF only works with Business Broker professionals and not directly with Sellers or Buyers, so please contact Cecil Dye to assist you with a Valuation/Appraisal).

Determining the purpose of valuation, date of value, and ownership interest being appraised.

Obtain and review key elements of the business which includes but is not limited to: Corporate Documents, Financial Records, Market, Key Personnel, Key Customers, Industry Trends, and Comparable Sales of Similar Companies.

Determine value indications of the business and owned non-operating assets using 3 categories of valuation approaches: Asset, Market, and Income.

Determine final opinion of value after consideration for all information obtained, reviewed, and analyzed and making appropriate allocations for goodwill and other intangibles the business possesses.

Prepare written report.

•  Our Experience

At Gulf Coast Financial, business valuations is not just a part of our business, it's our only business. We are a full service valuation firm providing Intermediaries, Banks, Attorneys and their respective clients with business valuation service. The firm and its appraisers belong to the most respected appraisal associations in the country and hold the highest industry designations, making them experts in their fields.

•  Types of Valuations

Suggested Gross Sales

Snapshot Valuation Under $350,000

Value Analysis $350,000 to $1,000,000

Limited Formal Valuation $1,000,000 too $5,000,000

M & A Valuation over $5,000,000

Call: Cecil Dye 843.636.2475 to discuss pricing for your Business Valuation/Appraisal.

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