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How Long Will It Take to Sell My Business?

Depends on a couple factors: 1. Pricing it right based on Seller’s Discretionary Earnings. 2. Type of business by industry. 3. How ease or difficult is it to replace the owner? We are finding that it takes 9-15 months to sell a business; but we have lots of buyers in the market in 2017. At […]

How Do I Keep My Business Sale Confidential?

Great question by every business owner. When it’s time to sell their pride and joy, they don’t want their customers, competitors and employees to know it is in the process of being advertised For Sale. How do Business Broker’s accomplish this Confidentiality? Carefully Using Accepted Tools in our Industry. In summary, we use the NDA […]

HR Happenings – Latest in News and Alerts

HR Happenings June 2013 Health Care Reform Update Employers’ Exchange Notification must start by Oct. 1, 2013. On May 8, 2013, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued guidance and a Model Notice to Employees of Coverage Options regarding the soon-to-launch exchanges. The release also announced an updated model election notice to inform terminated employees about […]

Sunbelt Radio: Trucking Companies, with Justin Molavi, IBISWorld Analyst

Each week, Sunbelt hosts an internet radio program in order to provide our franchisees and their clients with information about buying, selling, and managing privately-held businesses. The show, Entrepreneurial Insights, is broadcast every Friday at 2 p.m. Eastern, and is hosted by Pino Bacinello (Sunbelt office owner in Vancouver) and Matt Ottaway (Sunbelt’s President). Each […]