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How Do I Keep My Business Sale Confidential?

Great question by every business owner. When it’s time to sell their pride and joy, they don’t want their customers, competitors and employees to know it is in the process of being advertised For Sale. How do Business Broker’s accomplish this Confidentiality? Carefully Using Accepted Tools in our Industry. In summary, we use the NDA […]

Earn Out is the Name, Performance is the Game!

Earn Out is the Name, Performance is the Game! EXAMPLE ONLY, PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR ATTORNEY & CPA FOR ACTUAL TRANSACTION. I have seen this work very successfully when the current owner/seller is hired to stay on and help run the business. Clearly the business cashflow must justify the extra cost of retaining the seller. […]

Seller’s Discretionary Income – The Key to Selling Your Business

When it comes time to sell your business, most owners have no idea how to express to potential buyers how good their business really is in order to obtain the best price. Today’s buyers are very knowledgeable because of the Internet. They can go on www.bizbuysell.com and other sites and compare business opportunities. In fact […]