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How Long Will It Take to Sell My Business?

Depends on a couple factors: 1. Pricing it right based on Seller’s Discretionary Earnings. 2. Type of business by industry. 3. How ease or difficult is it to replace the owner? We are finding that it takes 9-15 months to sell a business; but we have lots of buyers in the market in 2017. At […]

How Do I Keep My Business Sale Confidential?

Great question by every business owner. When it’s time to sell their pride and joy, they don’t want their customers, competitors and employees to know it is in the process of being advertised For Sale. How do Business Broker’s accomplish this Confidentiality? Carefully Using Accepted Tools in our Industry. In summary, we use the NDA […]

SBA Build Your Business Plan

Tons of good resources for small business buyers and owners: Build Your Business Plan Are you interested in starting a business? Creating a business plan is one of the most important steps you will take because the plan serves as your road map for the early years of your business. The business plan generally projects […]

Do You Want to Buy or Sell a Midas Auto Center?

Midas has re-upped their commitment to Sunbelt Business Brokers Re-sales in a BIG WAY. We recently executed new contracts with Midas on: • Franchise Re-sales • Franchise Referrals (1st time Midas is using a Franchise Broker!) • “Matchmaker” Program ! Midas is the largest auto after-market repair franchise, Midas has over 2,900 locations operating in […]

Coaching for Buyers

Buyers should spend a few minutes and answer the following questions and send the answers to the broker or brokers they choose to work with in finding the Right Business. Coaching for Buyers 1. Type Buyer: Owner Operator ____ Investor_____ 2. BRS, Business Requirements Summary: Industry/Segment: – Submit resume of related experience: City: Cash Flow […]

Sunbelt Business Broker’s History

History Sunbelt’s business brokers specialize in working with business owners to manage the sale of their businesses. Our brokers also work with individuals and companies who are interested in buying a business. Annually, our local offices work with thousands of business sellers and buyers to help them reach their goals. Sunbelt was founded by Ed […]

B2b Marketing

Software Appointment setting and B2b Marketing: A Recession Proof Industry…by T3 Direct Marketing, Window Shopper Updated: Created: July 14, 2011, 2:22 pmUpdated: July 14, 2011, 2:23 pmShare: Share on facebookShare on twitterShare on linkedin0 comments Business to business marketing and IT appointment setting has risen in popularity due to the recession. T3 Direct’s b2b marketing […]

How Can I Sell My Business and Cash Out?

Basically two ways, 1. Find that elusive Cash Buyer – getting harder and harder these days. 2. My preferred way to recommend to Business Owners is using the SBA Loan . General Small Business Loans: 7(a) The 7(a) Loan Program, SBA’s most common loan program, includes financial help for businesses with special requirements. 7(a) Loan […]

What is the One Quality Every Business Needs and Many Don’t Have?

The one quality every workplace needs Q&A with leadership expert Nan S. Russell By Mary Lorenz, CareerBuilder writer Share . If Nan S. Russell had her way, every business would be built on one essential element: trust. Unfortunately, trust is the one thing missing from many businesses today. “Trust is at an all-time low in […]

Coaching for Business Buyers

Coaching for Business Buyers Prepared for ___________________ 1. Type Buyer: Owner Operator ____ Investor_____ 2. BRS, Business Requirements Summary: Industry/Segment: – Submit resume of related experience: City/Location Preferred: Cash Flow Requirement: Down Payment Available: – could be letter from your Attorney. Timeframe: Understand Co-Brokering restrictions in South Carolina. 3. Buyer Actions: Prepare BRS and send […]