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How Do I Keep My Business Sale Confidential?

Great question by every business owner. When it’s time to sell their pride and joy, they don’t want their customers, competitors and employees to know it is in the process of being advertised For Sale. How do Business Broker’s accomplish this Confidentiality? Carefully Using Accepted Tools in our Industry. In summary, we use the NDA […]

‘There’s a zebra on the road’ and other memorable late-to-work excuses

By Susan Ricker, CareerBuilder writer Share There are times when the real world doesn’t go along with your plans, like when you miss every light on your way to work, the trains are delayed or the weather makes it impossible to move at a normal speed. These common occurrences are a mildly frustrating way to […]

Where to Sell Your Business

Let “Cecil Dye the Business Guy” of Sunbelt Business Brokers, Charleston, SC Prepare Your Business for the Buyer/Seller Marketplace. He will find the Best Buyers to consider your business. We are experienced Members of the www.bizbuysell.com network of Business For Sale Listings. He can help you professionally prepare and present your business For Sale. All […]

South Carolina Ranks #1 in Digital Ad Click Rates [STUDY]

South Carolina ranks #1 in terms of digital ad click-through rates, according to a new study released by PointRoll. South Carolina and Georgia are nearly tied for Highest Click Through Rate in America, at more than 0.16% each, which is over 25% above the national benchmark. The complete the study, PointRoll analyzed its database of […]

Seller’s Discretionary Income – The Key to Selling Your Business

When it comes time to sell your business, most owners have no idea how to express to potential buyers how good their business really is in order to obtain the best price. Today’s buyers are very knowledgeable because of the Internet. They can go on www.bizbuysell.com and other sites and compare business opportunities. In fact […]

HR Happenings – Latest in News and Alerts

HR Happenings June 2013 Health Care Reform Update Employers’ Exchange Notification must start by Oct. 1, 2013. On May 8, 2013, the Department of Labor (DOL) issued guidance and a Model Notice to Employees of Coverage Options regarding the soon-to-launch exchanges. The release also announced an updated model election notice to inform terminated employees about […]

Small Businesses Still Cannot Find Enough Workers

Small businesses are still having a hard time finding workers despite recent indicators showing that the employment picture is getting better. In the latest National Federation of Independent Business survey, the portion of small business owners who say they are unable to fill jobs rose to 21 percent from 18 percent. A third of them […]

HR HAPPENINGS – Cost of Healthcare

How Much Are Businesses Spending on Health Care? Here is a chance to compare what you have spent on health care to other businesses. A recent survey revealed the cost per employee that different industries spent on health care in 2010 (2011 Society for Human Resources Management Health Care Benchmarking Survey): – Utilities ($20,567 on […]