Exit Planning for Business Owners

Selling Your Businesses with Sunbelt
Exit Plans for Business Owners

Are “YOU” The Business?
If you as the Owner are key to the daily success of your company; buyers will not cash you out but they will want to tie you into a long term Earn-Out contract to keep you around long enough to be able to replace you.

Do You Have Strong Management in Place?
Developing Managers/Supervisors who can basically run your business is vital to being able to sell your business.

Do you have Clean Financial Books?
Can you prove your (SDE) Seller’s Discretionary Earnings? You have to in order for the Buyer to obtain a full value appraisal thru the SBA on your business.

Do you have (SOP) Standard Operating Procedures in place?
Is your business all in yours and your employee’s heads or do you have an Operations Manual?

Do you have a History of Growth and a Plan Going Forward?
Buyers will like your strong history of growth but will want to see your growth plans going forward.

Do you know the Market Value of your business?
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