Do You Want to Buy or Sell a Midas Auto Center?

Midas has re-upped their commitment to Sunbelt Business Brokers Re-sales in a BIG WAY.

We recently executed new contracts with Midas on:

• Franchise Re-sales
• Franchise Referrals (1st time Midas is using a Franchise Broker!)
• “Matchmaker” Program !

Midas is the largest auto after-market repair franchise, Midas has over 2,900 locations operating in the World. However, there is still ample room to grow. In the recent history, finding real estate to put new shops has become Midas’ biggest challenge.

Our Matchmaker relationship with Midas allows your office access to their pre-qualified and highly motivated buyers…a terrific asset to both help you SELL your existing auto repair shop listings, and to PROSPECT for additional independent auto repair center listings as well. If a Midas buyer purchases your listing and converts the store to a Midas, you receive FULL RE-SALES COMMISSIONS AND A MATCHMAKER FEE on top!

Learn how you can sell some of your existing auto repair shop listings easily and quickly!

Please look at your roster of listings. If you have car repair facilities, please plan on joining us for the call, or invite your listing broker(s) to do so. If you recently had a car repair center listing expire, this is a great way to re-engage. If you have sellers on the fence, this program can help you secure the listing.

If you are seeking to buy or sell a Midas Auto Center or Other Brand Auto Center; call Cecil Dye, the Business Guy; 843.636.2475

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