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THIS AGREEMENT, dated 5/23/2012, and signed in Charleston County, State of South Carolina, outlines my services and relationship with you to assist you in the process of locating and buying a Business Opportunity. I, Cecil Dye, a CERTIFIED BUSINESS BUYERS COACH, certified by Business Buyers University, LLC., Charleston, SC, will work with you, _________________________ (City and State)___________________________ , as a BUYER PROSPECT, to assist you in locating and buying a business opportunity. (BE AWARE THAT, BUYING A BUSINESS INVOLVES RISK; INCLUDING THE RISK OF LOSING YOUR INVESTMENT).
I will work with you and your other stakeholders to create a plan to follow BBU’s “Eleven Step Process” that will move you in the direction of owning your own business. While the decisions are yours; I will work with you to educate you and motivate you towards your goals by using the systems and products provided by Business Buyers University, LLC and it’s Founder, Business Coach, Ed Pendarvis, CBI, in addition to my own experience and expertise. (HOWEVER; BE AWARE THAT, MANY FACTORS GO INTO THE SUCCESS, OR LACK THEREOF, OF A BUSINESS AND THAT MANAGEMENT PLAYS SUCH AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN THE SUCCESS, or LACK THEREOF, OF A BUSINESS THAT NEITHER THIS CERTIFIED BUSINESS BUYERS COACH , Cecil Dye and/or BUSINESS BUYERS UNIVERSITY, LLC., nor COACH ED PENDARVIS,CBI, MAKE ANY WARRENTIES OR GUARANTEES WHATSOEVER, OF PAST, PRESENT OR FUTURE SUCESS OF ANY BUSINESS OR FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY FOR ANY SPECIFIC BUYER. ALL DECISIONS IN BUYING AND/OR SELLING A BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY ARE THOSE OF THE BUYER AND SELLER).
The responsibility of the Business Coach, Business Buyers University, LLC., and Coach Ed Pendarvis, CBI., is to “Educate You”,” Coach You”, and “Assist You” in the Process of Buying a Business or Franchise opportunity. In order to create, implement and ensure the success of this plan the following must be addressed:
#1) Personal Meeting with Buyer Prospect and me, as your Business Buyers Coach, to review Buyer Packet; set bench marks, disclosures, confidentiality agreement, secure working together (Coaching ) agreement and secure engagement,
#2) Book 1; “Buying a Business to Secure Your Financial Freedom”, Ed Pendarvis, 2005, published by McGraw-Hill (Amazon), followed by review,
#3) Book 2; “Secrets of Buying The Right Business (for you) Right”, Ed Pendarvis, 2009 (Hard Copy), followed by review,
#4) Review Business Opportunities (business broker’s listings/ FSBO/ Directed Cold Calling), followed by review,
#5) Introduction to Franchising and Franchise Opportunities (application/ introduction to FranStop), followed by review,
#6) Weekly Radio Show, “Buying or Selling a Business with Ed Pendarvis”, WTMA AM, 1250, every Saturday, followed by review,
#7) Weekly Webinar on Buying / Selling a business with Ed Pendarvis (or guest presenter),
#8) “Go Forward” Business Planning on target business or franchise,
#9) Making an Offer on a business opportunity (with protective contingencies), negotiations/ down payment/ financing/ due diligence/ options (neither Business Buyers Coach nor Coach Ed Pendarvis, CBI, is qualified to give valuation advice on the value of any real estate involved in the business sale),
#10) Seeking Professional Advice; Accounting/ Legal/ Financing/ Lease/ Options (neither Business Buyers Coach, nor Coach Ed Pendarvis, CBI, is qualified to give accounting and/or legal advice),
#11) Closing on Acquisition; FOCUS on NOW; FOCUS on NEXT 90 DAYS; FOCUS on FUTURE.
While the location and acquisition of a Business Opportunity and/or Franchise Opportunity can take several months (or even years), depending on a lot of circumstances; from our previous experience, we at BBU feel that the next 90 days of the Process are the most important to the Buyer Prospect and to the Coaching Process itself, appropriate to this Buyer Prospect. These BUSINESS BUYERS COACHING services will be billed at $350 per month with a minimum of Three Months Engagement due at signing of this CERTIFIED BUSINESS BUYERS COACHING AGREEMENT. All parties to this AGREEMENT will use their Best Efforts and Talents; both learned and God Given, to make this Agreement valuable to the Buyer Prospect in finding and buying a business opportunity.
ALL INFORMATION regarding you, your stakeholders, your associates or your firm will be kept strictly CONFEDENTIAL.
______________________________ ___________________________

Contact Cecil Dye, the Business Guy; cecil@sunbeltnetwork.com 843.636.2475

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